Friends forever

IMG_20160710_181012RRrP1220203rYou have left us, no doubt, but memories of you remain as I pray the decade assigned to me; yes, I am talking about the Living Rosary, and my decade is  the third Joyful Mystery the Birth of  Jesus in Bethlehem in a poor manger. . . .

Each morning, I seek the grace to remain faithful and to pray and as I do so, I often thank our dearest Lord Jesus for inspiring Brother Denis with the recruitment of  more than seven thousand people, and he took the trouble to assign each a decade from the fifteen mysteries of the rosary.

Each day I lift up the fourteen persons who share the task of completing the entire fifteen decades of the rosary with me. . . And I never forget one of Brother Denis’ confreres Brother Roger whose decade is the fifth Joyful Mystery The Finding of Jesus in the Temple, and I always say to our Lady: Let me never lose my God! Praise the Lord!

The Luminous Mysteries are not included for this movement started way back in the 1800s.

Dear Brother Denis, pray for us all where you are, enjoying the eternal reward granted you as you returned to the good and merciful Lord of us all, Jesus Christ.