More of Mr Kang’s art pieces

P1220250r P1220251r P1220252r P1220253r P1220254r P1220255r P1220256r P1220257r P1220258r P1220259r P1220260r P1220261r P1220262r P1220263r P1220264r P1220266rr P1220267r P1220269r P1220270r P1220271r P1220272r P1220274r P1220275r P1220278rr P1220279rHere are more works at the same gallery on display; and the lady in the photos is Esther, another artist and potter in her own right. Praise the Lord for the gift of appreciating good art works.

I have had a paradigm shift since the days in school when I used to prepare art students for  their examinations with Cambridge. . . Yes, I no longer am that particular about fulfilling the various criteria and today I look more for the artist’s personal mark or rather the heart of the matter. . . I am no longer into grading works of art but more into appreciation of the effort and the time sacrificed to produce a piece worth admiring. How I grown in my appreciation? I certainly hope so. . . . P1220280r