Poetry recitation

P1220293rr P1220292rr P1220291rr P1220306r P1220305r P1220303r I attended this Talk of the Town series held at the Catholic Centre. I was so interested to learn how a migrant worker was so successful in putting his feelings on paper especially in writing poems straight from the heart. I was happy to have met him and talked to him about his poems and his stay in our little island Singapore.

His reading of the poems in  a book beautifully translated by one of our local poets from its original language brought tears to those who were there to listen in both the languages.

I have to admit that I loved the way he expressed himself – with his gentleness, his broad smiles and with his simple sharing of his own life way back in India. Praise the Lord!

One of our award winning poets Anne Lee read the poems in English. Of course, she read it so well and brought the meaning of the poems to light. She used to train us lectors in reading and proclamation of the Word years ago.

And Mukul kept us all fascinated with his heart-felt sharing of his  own life story and how he has been coping with his work as a construction worker here for the past few years. I thank God for the grace to have been there to give him the moral support he needed from fellow human beings. I am glad that he has found a place in the  hearts of many who appreciate his poems.

We are with you Mukul! Keep writing your heart-felt poems and lend your voice to the voiceless!