The Divine Mercy


10297617_501616843276039_1740546830337748142_nJust the other day someone contributed lots of this Divine Mercy painting (minus the two saints) to the parish. It was in thanksgiving to the good Lord who had called the person’s relative home at the hour of three. . .  Of course, the event has more details which I don’t know about. I only know that upon our return from our Pilgrimage to a remote part of the country we were presented with this painting. The painting we got does not have the two saints, of course.

I could not resist putting this up seeing that the same painting – an original one as commissioned by the good Lord to St Faustina – is here with  two wonderful saints. I remember going to St Joseph’s Church in Victoria Street. I saw the photos of these two saints on different occasions. Uncanny perhaps but still worth reflecting – the invitation to pray. Praise the Lord!