Eating well and resting well too


p12300475 p12300465 p12300455 p1230038r p1230037r p1230036r p1230035r p1230034r p1230033rI loved the food offered at Seven Fountains. Mostly vegetables including salads and meat like chicken and  pork. . . the food was delicious and  I loved the meal times. There was always the  soup so tasty and so hot to the taste – spicy and temperature – in both ways.

These photos are the extras that we had after our retreat. The food shown here – noodles and rice with the eggs – is Vietnamese and the way that the  food was prepared was really creative and  interesting. I did not take the other photos at certain meal  times. . . .

Still I thank and praise the  good Lord for His divine providence.  What are we to eat and what are we to wear? These are not our  concerns but the concerns of pagans who know not the goodness of God. I had the opportunity to meditate on the scriptures from Luke and Matthew and so had time for plenty of thoughts and reflections.