Cleaning the crucifixes

p1230015r p1230014r p1230013r One evening while going to the Chapel of St Ignatius for the evening Mass, I passed by the table just outside Fr. Olivier’s office. I saw these crucifixes on the table and liking always the symbol of the Catholic faith, I decided to take photos of them.

As it turned out, Fr Olivier came and  I realised that he had been  cleaning them up. What a pleasant surprise to learn that, and truly as the Jesuit spirituality goes, one tries to find God in all things.

I learnt something valuable this day – one puts into practice what one truly believes in. Thanks be to God for Fr Olivier! He did not think it too ordinary a job to be polishing the crucifixes. Praise God!

If you should wonder why I have a special liking for crucifixes, allow me to share with you. Each time I look at one I thank and praise God for what He has done for  me. For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son to save me and my belief in Him will bring me to eternal life.