The labyrinth

p1230080r p1230078r p1230076r p1230072r p1230071r p1230070r p1230069r p1230068r p1230067r p1230065r p1230064r p1230063r p1230062r p1230061r p1230060r p1230059r p1230058r p1230057r p1230056r p1230055r p1230054r p1230053r p1230052r p1230051r p1230050rIn all my retreats at Seven Fountains, I never fail to take the time to go to the labyrinth to pray. It is an ancient prayer walk and it is always so soothing to be able to walk through while focussed on what the Lord himself seems to be suggesting.

My first day was really the best one in so far as it set me free for the rest of the retreat. I had only one question and the Lord responded with such love! The rest of the retreat was a breeze – and I had such a fine time of resting in the Lord with words that come from Jeremiah 31: 3.