Till we meet again – part 2

A time to say goodbye so soon after our first meeting

Almost as if we never really needed to do that

Yet I am grateful to have had the chance of knowing dear Fr Phillips

Of having enjoyed the warm hospitality offered to all of us

We were many and we were noisy

But the dear priest took it all in his gentleness and accepted us all

I remember it all as this was such a  recent memory

I remember the smiles and the warmth and the joy of seeing such a happy priest

He was all so full of enthusiasm as he welcomed us


In my mind I already had a lesson learnt

Freedom of worship is to be praised

Freedom of worship is to be appreciated

Truly we need to give praise to God for this

And it was only after I had met  dear Fr Phillips

That I realized  it all

For too long I had taken things for granted

Lord, have mercy!

May the soul of Fr Phillips rest in peace through the mercy of God!