Till we meet again – part 3

This evening we had a mass

Every pilgrim who had been in Terengganu came

It was truly lovely  that we had all come to celebrate with

Fr Cornelius, young and newly ordained on 9 August 2016.

He had been a seminarian and had taken part in a retreat by Fr Phillips

So it was apt that he was able to share more with us

I liked Fr Cornelius’ homily that tied in so well with the Memorial of St John Chrysostom

Bishop and  Doctor of the Church who spoke the truth

With such eloquence and in such easy to understand terms

Fr Cornelius drew several parallels with the late priest and the saint for today

It moved us no end and it touched us deeply

St Paul’s letter to us all about  being a part of the Body of Christ

Should move us to consider imitating the late priest

He – Fr Phillips – was all out to put his heart and soul in his work

He was ready to suffer like St John Chrysostom

Can we ask for more? Dare we seek to know more?