Silent retreats are super treats

I am amazed whenever I hear some people tell me that a silent retreat is out of the question for them. But why?

I guess a reason could be that the grace of God must be sought.

No one can do anything apart from the Lord, and He tells us this in John 15:5.

Another reason is to be perhaps discouraged even before one begins, and that is a terrible temptation.  Yet, we know that the Lord will never make us do what can never ever be done.

I love to remember and thank God I do, that we serve a MIGHTY God of power. He can do all things, and did He not also suggest that one asks so as to receive, seek so as to find and  knock so  as to have the door open for one to enter?

Be not discouraged but take up the challenge. You will then even wonder Why did I wait so long to make a silent retreat?


For a start, if you ask me, I would suggest that you visit Seven Fountains Retreat Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Things to enjoy include time with the good Lord, a good down to earth Spiritual Director, eating food that most would rate Super! Excellent! Simple but Delicious! . . .Time with the creatures of God such as rabbits, walking along the labyrinth, visiting the places of interest after the retreat, good shopping and more . . . .