Elizabeth Wang

It seems like only yesterday but no, it is almost two decades ago that I got to know a lovely woman by  the name of Elizabeth.  I also got to know of a website called Radiant Light  (www.radiantlight.org.uk)

Elizabeth Wang  returned to eternal life this month of September 2016. She had been ill in August and I had kept her in my prayers after receiving  news from the family. So when I received the second letter with news that she had gone home most peacefully, I praised God for showing her, and the family and all of us who know her in one way or another, mercy and love.

Elizabeth, I understand from the letter which I received in August this year, had suffered most of her life with ill health. Who  would have thought so since she was truly prolific in her paintings of works that speak volumes?

I admire the way she had been using her gift of painting spiritual works of art. I used them in my presentations as they speak clearly. Consider this one of Christ with His outstretched arms, the one Mediator between us and God. t-00081-ol_small

Thank God that Elizabeth found God in her spiritual gift of  painting. I would say that she was a deeply spiritual woman of prayer. 

Thank God that she has had great joy in being able to see many of the images given to her by the Lord being used in many different places over the last couple of years.

She was a woman of God, a woman of hope. She was able to  go with the Westminster Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes at the end of July 2016. Our Lady would have prepared her well for her meeting with Her Son whom Elizabeth loved so much.

I remember that it was a friend who first introduced her works to me several years ago. This friend had been living in England then, and was acquainted with the works of Elizabeth. Then I learnt that Elizabeth’s son was a priest and I also learnt that Elizabeth had written several books. I ordered them  more than a decade ago, and they include these HOW TO PRAY Part 1 and Part 2 Liturgy and Morals and MY PRIESTS ARE SACRED. 

They still remain in my small library, and I should like to seek the grace to re-read them. Sometimes I wish I had more time to read, and this is possible, I believe, since I have not watched television for more than two decades.

Fr Stephen Wang has also been instrumental as he is a priest. Priests are people I pray for everyday and they are most important.  Without our priests, where would we have our Sacraments?

May the soul of Elizabeth, through the mercy of God,  rest in peace. Amen.