St Teresa of Calcutta


img-20161102-wa0002r img-20161102-wa0003 img-20161102-wa0004r img-20161102-wa0005r img-20161102-wa0006r img-20161102-wa0007rI am happy to say that one of my school  mates joined the Missionaries of Charity and she is stationed in the United States of America. We used to play for the school team and what was the game called? Soft ball!

A friend has just returned from India after ministering there for a month. He sings with a most anointed voice! Praise the Lord!

Just before their return, the priest and his team including my friend Joe had the chance to visit the MC sisters. Of course we all know of the recent canonisation of the MC Foundress who took the world by storm. And I have read several of her books including the one which revealed the years she spent without any consolation. Yet we see the faithfulness of God and His mercy and deep love sustained St Teresa of India. Praise the Lord!

See the simplicity with which the sisters live. If the room is that of the Foundress herself, surely the rest of the nuns would also live simply and yes, joyfully.

I love the smiles I always never miss whenever the MC sisters turn up in our parish. Praise the Lord!