A time of grace 2

p1230166 p1230165 p1230158 p1230157 p1230153 p1230152 p1230148 p1230147 p1230146 p1230145 p1230144 p1230140 p1230200 p1230197 p1230195 p1230186 p1230184 p1230179 p1230178 p1230177 p1230174 p1230170 p1230169Our four priests sang with gusto! Especially outstanding was Fr Luke who sang with such deep joy . . . . . and I have to single him out because of the fact that he really stood out amongst the others.

This is not to say that the rest of them did not sing with fervour; of course, they all did, and we had such a great time!