Before the good Lord I kneel


Before You I  kneel, my Lord and my God

Worshipping You with gratitude

Bringing to You my many needs

Usually saying to You just one line

“I lift up all the intentions in my heart”

For even  before I open my lips

You already know what I am praying for

All the sick, the suffering and the dying

All those who have sought my prayers

All the people I care for and love

And this includes every priest, every religious, every deacon

sisters and brothers and seminarians and novices

in fact, the whole world … for You are God, holy and true

there is nothing You cannot do

there is nothing You will not do

if it is good for Your children

And so I kneel before You

Grateful to be able to do so as often as I can

Thankful that I labour in Your vineyard

Praise the good Lord!