The newest Church in Singapore COTT


Talking about new churches, it gives me joy to show these photos which I took when I went to the Church of the Transfiguration in Punggol. It is located in a very scenic place, full of tranquility.  How blessed those who live close  by are going to be when the church starts to have its  first mass in Holy Week!

 I celebrated my Baptism anniversary yesterday, on the tenth of the month of April 2017. Six days or so later, I will rejoice knowing that my own mother entered heaven on the 16th and this year it happens to be EASTER Sunday! It is also the day my brother in law Thomas was baptised. Yes, we are a family of converts, and converts appreciate their faith more only because of God’s grace that enables us to see the difference in knowing and serving the good Lord, and the time when we all lived in darkness!