John the photographer

We have so few opportunities to meet so it is only apt to take photos of old friends from years ago. . .The first small photo shows Irene whose kindness I will always remember. I will always remember that she took the effort to help wash my clothes. I was travelling to India and that trip was to be followed by one that would lead me to Kenya. She did not want me to wait till I came back many weeks later to wash the dirty clothes. How kind Irene is! Praise the Lord!

The main photo shows Irene’s husband who is a great photographer. John is a retired doctor who travels widely with his wife and he has time to post one online daily in his photo blog. Praise the Lord!

The other two photos show a foreign priest and a young boy who speaks the same foreign language – Spanish. They had to sing a song for those of us present to celebrate Fr Paul’s 80th birthday. Praise the Lord!