Our Lady of Fatima

Today I am happy to know that two children – Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco – will be canonised – and they are young saints, for sure. May they intercede for us all as most people celebrate a hundred years of the private revelations. 

I went to Fatima only twice (1999 & 2013) and it was at Fatima that I received healing of my vocal chords which had a polyp in it. I did not go for an operation but offered up – for six years – the discomfort and inconvenience of not being able to use my voice most of the time. It turned out that, with the grace of God, I was able to endure till my first visit to Fatima. Then I lamented that I would like to sing and to chant, and  when I returned to Singapore, I attended the installation of our dear bishop (Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia) and those around me in the indoor stadium realised that I had been totally healed. I sang to my heart’s content and participated fully in the wonderful Eucharistic celebration.

To thank our good Lord for answering my prayer so swiftly and perfectly, I joined the parish in more than one ministry. Then I had the grace to be a cantor!

O praise the Lord! How great You are!