Our Lady of Fatima




Dearest Mother,

It gives me great joy to write to you about the talk that I attended last Saturday. It was a huge crowd that showed up including people from the Legion of Mary in several churches all over Singapore. I was delighted to see you so loved by your children. It also reminded me of the time when I lost my earthly mother, the woman God gave me to bring me into this world.

I remember clearly how someone, my friend’s brother John, came and told me specifically that although my earthly mother has gone home to you, I have now my heavenly mother to take care of me. It was only six days after my own baptism, so I did not know much.

Today, however, dearest Mother Mary, I want to thank our Lord Jesus for giving you to me to be my Mother. Truly you are the best Mother and Jesus has given you to me. Thank you dearest Lord Jesus. You give us always the Best of all! You are great! You are wonderful! I love You and Your Mother our Blessed Mother Mary.

Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for us all!