You either love it or find it intolerable

I happen to love this fruit

Having grown up with trees in  my grandfather’s land

You will notice that the fruit is called the KING

Indeed there is not much to add when the word KING says it all

Church of St Anthony of Padua

The actual day is 13th June for the Feast of St Anthony of Padua, Doctor of the Church. It has been a real blessing for me this year to be able to attend the three days of devotional prayers and the Eucharistic celebrations by three good preachers. Each preacher gave us something to think about and to ponder over. I was appreciative of all three of them – Fr Jude David, Fr Cary Chan, and Fr. Esmond Chua.

 The third one needs special mention as Fr. Esmond Chua, ordained only in February this year, gave a very good sermon. It was absolutely clear and systemically thought out so that one could remember the points clearly. He could also chant beautifully. I affirmed him along with many others personally after the Mass. Praise the Lord!

The above pictures are taken from one wall where parishioners have taken the time to show their love for St Anthony by painting him.


Vegan fare

To tempt me to get started on vegan fare, my dear niece sent me some of the foods she prepares for herself. I am interested in not only the taste. I like the arrangements and the colours. So rich!

In eating her sour dough bread and all things nice like nuts and vegetables, I am pleased to say that even my weight has gone down a little. This is not my main concern though as I am not fat or even over weight. Still it is a bonus!


Sour dough bread

I  enjoy the bread that my niece  bakes so much that I have been eating them day after day. Also my diet has changed somewhat. I have lost some weight, and that is good news for me. I tend to eat much more fruits and vegetables and hardly any meat. Praise the Lord!

Of course, I did not deliberately avoid taking some foods. I simply eat what I have in my fridge and if I have plenty of fruits and vegetables, it is simply because I have them.. I always am game for what ever I have.

Last evening I was treated to a Japanese meal which I enjoyed too. In fact, I am not at all a fussy eater and so for this, I thank our Lord. He provides and I simply accept. Praise the Lord!