In the Church of St Anthony of Padua

It is interesting to note that one needs grace to be at a particular church, and I have personally experienced this all these years. I started off with St Michael’s Church. Newly converted I was full of zest and fervour for the charismatic way of worship which I am so comfortable with. I also can remain silent and not raise hands to worship our Lord. I am  open and I can adapt to the worship styles and I thank the Holy Spirit for this.

At the recollection – Our Lady of Fatima

There was  so much that I learned from the recent recollection that it would  be worthwhile sharing; yet, I have been so busy that I have not  had time to  re-read all that I managed to keep note of. . .

Perhaps I can share that one of the first things that I have  put into practice is this… when one enters the church, one normally would make the sign of the cross with holy water and enter. But now I  add a prayer as taught by the  visiting priest to us.

May this holy water and the Precious Blood of Jesus wash away all my sins, O Lord!