The day the Angel came. . .

AR4A3232This is from a stained glass window in Inner Mongolia. It is apt that one takes a second look at it. The Angel Gabriel comes to the Blessed Virgin and she says those marvellous words of her: Let it be done unto me according to thy word.

Life was never the same again for Mary. The day she gave herself completely to our Lord, she gained heaven. Total giving. Not half and half. God is not interested in fractions or percentages. God sent Jesus, His only begotten Son. God gave the Best Gift of a Saviour without holding anything back. What about us?

We are too good at calculating, are we not? We ask ourselves first: what will I  get out of it? Is this a good deal?

If we would but stop to consider who is sustaining us from moment to moment, giving us life even if it is for a brief span of time on earth, we might perhaps seek another response to the call of God.

May our Blessed Mother intercede for us!