Bible Seminar 2017

The ballerinas were a wonderful surprise in the Bible Seminar which I attended this month in July 2017. It was no wonder that Sr Sandra Seow, the Director of the Biblical Apostolate, shared of her childhood desire to want to dance. Seeing the ballerinas so gracefully dance with such adeptness does make one wish to join them. Praise the Lord!

What touched me more was the song written by Sr Monika for the occasion. The song title is “You are Word of God’. When she first sang it, I found tears rolling down my cheeks and this went on till the  entire song was  sung so well by the nun herself. I managed to speak to her and to share with her how much consolation I had experienced with her song. And who would have thought that I would once more cry tears of consolation and joy in the Lord when she sang it again at the end of the whole session? Truly dear Lord, you surprise me!

Trust. Hope. Light. Peace.

Glittering words, like stars above.

Do not fear. You are Mine. Remain in Me.

Healing words, spoken in love.

Written in ink, but carved in our hearts

Embracing and calming, reminding us that

Turn your ears to Your Word

Speak to  us, Word of Life

That we may know  how to speak to the weary

Turn our ears to You, Lord

Teach or tongues, Lord of Life

Give Your word, revive them, today!

The first seminar was in 2015 when we were given a scripture on a slip of paper. I experienced the same thing, that is, shedding tears and experiencing deeply the love of God. To be full of tears is a sure sign for me as I could never have made myself cry.  I suffer from dry eyes. I read the passage and could not stop my tears from falling. Later on during the break, I took the paper out again to read and again the tears came. Amazingly so!

What was the passage? It is on the love of God for me in a special way.. . . . .Beautifully so! He has carved my name on the palm of his hand! Should there  be another Bible Seminar, you can be sure I will be there with the Verbum Dei nuns to experience the love of God through His Word. Praise the good Lord Jesus Christ!


The Good Soil

This morning, as I read through some articles, one of them is the second Lenten reflection given by a very anointed Capuchin friar, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa.

On Mon 29 Feb 2016, I shall be joining some of my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord to reflect on the Word of God, with particular reference to the Year of Mercy. How I look forward to it!

Meanwhile, let me share part of a reflection taken from the second sermon for this Lent from our  Capuchin friar . . . it is beautifully put!

With the parable of the sower and the seed (see Lk 8:5-15), Jesus offers assistance for each of us to discover our condition regarding receiving the word of God. He distinguishes four kinds of soil: the path’s soil, the rocky soil, the soil with thorns, and good soil. He then explains what the different types of soil symbolize: the path represents those in whom the words of God are not even implanted; the rocky soil represents those who are superficial and inconstant, who hear the word with joy but do not give the word a chance to take root; the soil with thorns represents those who let themselves be overwhelmed by the preoccupations and pleasures of life; the good soil represents those who hear the word and bear fruit through perseverance.

And now for what the good soil represents . . .

In reading this, we could be tempted to skip hurriedly over the first three categories, expecting to end up in the fourth category, which, despite all our limitations, we think depicts us. In reality—and here is the surprise—the good soil represents those who easily recognize themselves in each of the first three categories! They are the people who humbly recognize how many times they have listened in a distracted way, how many times they have been inconsistent about intentions they formed in hearing a word from the gospel, how many times they have let themselves be overwhelmed by activism and worldly preoccupations. These are the ones who, without knowing it, are becoming the truly good soil.

May the Lord grant that we too be counted in that number!