At Istanbul Airport

P1090799rWe had six hours to spend here before the next flight and so we took turns to explore the shops and other interesting aspects. One could also spend time in meditation. Always at an airport, there is much food for thought. As I type in these words I am asking myself about the passage of my life. Where do I go from here? Where do I wish to end up? I know the answer. . . and I am asking for the grace to persevere in the right direction, along a path known to be narrow and far from easy. But God’s grace is sufficient and so I can continue in faith, and I know that I am never alone.


The airport has many things to sell. Each item  screams for attention. I walk on, content in the thought that this is but the start of my journey to a land far away.  I have another flight to take and another three hours of travel on the road, along winding mountain roads and finally, to what is known as a valley, in a village once remote, now renown for the peace the traveller will not miss.


I look at  stacks and stacks of cigarettes and I wonder. . . a paradox, is it not? Why place before the buyer what is bad? Why offer the temptation? Tax free? Get more but at the same time, be sure that it is suicidal. You will die sooner than you would want to. You will suffer, but for now, throw caution to the wind and just puff your cigarettes. Strange that so many young people today care to smoke. Is it rebellion? Is it defiance or plain lack of common sense?




Bread. . .  lots of fresh bread, and I enjoyed eating the bread daily. Also, at the airport I had fun sampling all the various types of Turkish Delight. My friend and I shared a huge sandwich and I also had a bowl of lentils soup. Praise God! The days ahead would be fun, and we would be eating even more. This morning it surprised me to find out that I had not gained more weight. The secret? We walked much. We climbed much. We exercised a great deal each day. It was a holiday which took care of not only the spiritual but the physical and the emotional as well. I have so much more to share, and I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to once more enjoy his divine providence. Praise the Lord!