#4 – Still trust Him

This is a very important piece of testimony on the Opening Night of the RCIA at the Church of the Holy Spirit. In reblogging this, I pray that the hearts of many will continue to be open to the Holy Spirit and His many gifts, including the Gift of FAITH!

Degeneration to Transplantation

Technically the first day of work today.
I finished updating contact in the company phone and created excel spreadsheets. I’m so surprised at myself that I could finish them so fast. I thought I’d be distracted but I was in the zone!
Shows that sometimes all we need to do is focus.

It’s the opening night of RCIA at the Church of the Holy Spirit. I still remember sitting amongst the crowd last year. I’ve made bosom friends that I don’t hesitate joining for another year. Moreover, I missed many sessions last year due to hospital checks and admissions.

Honestly, because Andy isn’t going tonight, I did consider not going as I came back tired from work and laziness started creeping through my spine. But I still decided to go and I’m glad I did.
To be honest, after what happened over the weekend, I did feel angry with God…

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The power of God’s Word

 We are blessed.

We are literate. We are able to read and write.

We are blessed.

We have the Word of God. We understand.

We obey. We cherish God’s Word.

We seek to follow the Lord by listening to him.

We are also given the grace to trust and to never stop hoping that God’s Word must and will fulfill what He wants to do.

So we are blessed.

We are enriched.

I will never forget the words from the Gospel of St John Chapter 14.

It was the year 1993. I had just been converted. My mother had just gone Home to her eternal rest. I was with my nephew, a young man of 19. He was the first Christian in the family.

On a particular afternoon, we were both at a prayer group meeting. The nun who was leading the service placed the Bible in my hands and asked me to read a few lines so we could all be nourished.

Being new to the faith, I handed the Bible to my nephew Michael. He turned the pages and then,  with great confidence, he read the first few lines from St John’s Gospel.

The words, so meaningful and so encouraging, touched my heart.

I trembled just to hear them.

Such beautiful words and they are all true.

Today these words continue to remain in  my heart. Trust in God. Trust in Jesus. Let nothing trouble you.

No time to say goodbye

Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2005 3:28 PM
 Hi, still cannot get over the shock of Sr Esther’s death. Did you meet her? I was thinking of giving her a long reply…learnt a lesson…no need to worry about anything too far ahead. God takes care of everything. Sr Esther was always concerned about her high blood pressure….Praise the Lord!


I happened to see the above email and it is a very old one. I had kept it.

Who was Sr Esther? She was an Indian missionary sister whom I had met in Kenya. She was such a jovial person, so full of smiles and laughter. She was also a very simple lady who would share with me very freely. We got along well in the short time that I was there and I still remember the masses and the meals we had had. How can I forget the French toast she prepared with so much joy each morning for our breakfast? Indeed, Sr Esther left a deep impression on me.

When I returned, I would receive news from her – little notes and cards. We met again on another two occasions and then it happened – her sudden death. A friend had gone over to Kenya and she had brought me a letter from Sr. Esther. The rest is as I had written in my email above.

Can one ever get over a sudden death? It would take time, and lots of trust and faith. Sr Esther was not the only person I knew who had died without a chance to say farewell to anyone. It is a phenomenon that occurs again and again. I was at a funeral recently and the deceased had died of a heart attack. There was no warning. There was no time for any of the family members to recollect their thoughts. What would have been the regrets? What would have been unfinished? A goodbye unsaid. A hug not given. An embrace withdrawn.

It makes one ponder, doesn’t it? NOW is the time to do what needs to be done. Let us hasten to love those around us. . . tomorrow may never come!

End of Christmastide

Today we celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. It brought to mind several thoughts including my late mother’s baptism. Being a non Catholic myself at that time, I did not realise that the priest who had helped my mother to receive the initial sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist had really taken care to select a good time. Since it was twenty years ago, I have no idea whether it was the feast of Ephiphany or the Baptism of the Lord. No matter what, it is the right time. Praise God!

So I look back and I think of that year, twenty years ago, when I myself received the Sacrament of Baptism. That was the turning point of my life. It has to be so for, washed by the waters of baptism, the person is cleansed and given a new lease of life. I wish this so much for the other members of my family who are still hesitating, still caught up in the lures of the world, and I certainly wish this for all non-believers in the world. In God’s time may the grace be given each one to share the joy of baptism and a new life in Christ. Praise God!

A time for resolutions?

Someone asked me this morning if I had made any resolutions for this year. Well, my quick response was: NO.

I have no resolutions.

Why? Do I need any?

People tell you that resolutions are made and then they are broken, don’t they? So why make resolutions and then break them.

I did not consciously think about making any resolutions. I believe that they are not necesary if one is always trying to seek God’s will in all honesty and humility.

The next question is: how do you know?

Perhaps I could say that it is a daily business in spiritual health. One does not live in separate periods of time, after all. One moment flows over into another. One minute follows another, and one’s spiritual antennae is up at all hours.

Being vigilant is key to living a good spiritual life. Eyes focussed heavenward. Heart in its right place.

Do I make it too easy? I do not count on myself. John 15: 5

So we count on the Holy One who makes all things new, all things possible, all things good. Praise God!

No longer I who live. . .

I was blessed. I was at the sacerdotal ordination of Deacon Athanasius of the Holy Wisdom and the Dormition, OCD (Jeffrey Tan) this morning at the Church of Sts Peter and Paul. At the end of a  beautiful celebration, we were all treated to a personal sharing by the newly ordained priest, a former teacher and an only son of a widow Agatha.

What inspired me was to hear the newly ordained priest share about the moments that have touched his life. One of these profound moments when the Spirit of God moved his heart to seek something more, something deeper, was at his father’s burial at the cemetary. This happened way back in 1981. He must have been very young then but it did not stop him from reflecting and pondering on a higher calling from God. There was the tall European priest from the Sacred Heart fathers (the ones at Blessed Sacrament Church) in his black vestments and there were the two altar boys also in black. Who would have known what was going through the mind of young Jeffrey then?

Today, we rejoice that he has made it to the priesthood. He is indeed a serious man, and that is great news because our salvation is serious business. It took the life of our Saviour. It cost him everything. May God be praised!