Church of St Vincent de Paul

A parish that I go to now and then. It is convenient to go there. Mass starts at 7a.m. and the only thing I do not find too convenient is that it is a residential area. There is no place to find breakfast.

But that is not really the issue. . . What I love is to find the Adoration Room almost empty as the minutes go by. I usually have the chance to adore our Eucharistic Lord all by myself. It is peaceful and so suitable for silent reflection.


Corpus Christi

030RIt was a lovely celebration that we had this evening at the Church of St Peter and Paul, and what followed the Mass was equally beautiful. We had a short procession within the grounds of the Church, and it was such fun, yes, it was fun, to process out of the church, to walk with our candles in our hands, to sing along the hymns with such meaningful lyrics and to finally kneel before our Eucharistic Lord.

There had been one important announcement made this evening and it was to remind us to join in the Eucharistic Adoration for an hour. The entire universal church would be praying as one in different parts of the world. What power! Singapore time would be from 11 to midnight. Those in Rome would be at five in the morning. I was thinking to myself: how can I go if I don’t have transport? Can I just keep vigil at home?

When the Eucharistic Adoration was over, we sang one of my favourite hymns to our Lady – Salve Regina. This is one of the best moments for me whenever this is sung at the end of a celebration.

Then several good things followed: meeting a friend I had not seen since 1998! Wow!

The next is a text message offering me transport to go for the Eucharistic Adoration tomorrow night! Can I say no? Of course not!

Thank you Lord for your goodness. You have just blessed my day with so many marvels this day. I realised that in blogging, I get to do my examen for the day as well. What am I most grateful for? What am I not too happy with? One calls to mind all the blessings that must be embraced with gratitude, and the other calls to mind what one ought to be sorry for. . . .

But today, I have nothing to be sorry about. I am just so happy, happy, happy! I have so many things to thank God for. . . . Praise God!