TAIZE comes to us

How blessed we are to have a night of TAIZE come to us. It was the biggest group that I had experienced and part of the draw must be Brother G who was not drawing attention to himself at all. He was totally unassuming and kept in the background except when he had to contribute to the event.


It can be so sudden . . .

It happens often enough, coming without a warning

Sometimes there are signs but one may choose to ignore them

DEATH is an interesting subject no one can really ignore

Lately in preparing for a talk on a part of the Creed

I have been meditating frequently on the topic:

Forgiveness of sin, Death and Life everlasting

For me death is always not far from my mind

Funerals I do attend so often

What a blessing the Lord has given!

DEATH will usher in a change of life

Not change that is to be feared

A wonderful welcome it ought to be

The saints have  realised this

Only death gives one the chance

to meet our Lord and to behold Him face to face

Praise Him!

One thing have I lately been pondering

We have an immortal soul

Forever will it live on

So great too must our need be

to live in a pleasing manner

 with Heaven as our final end 

 Imagine if you will and  if you can

Making evil choices so as to  end up in Hell

and there suffer for all eternity?

I understand better now

St Teresa of Avila pondered on  Forever and Ever

 Praise the Lord

I too have had  the grace to meditate . . .

Thank our Lord Jesus, Saviour divine

Only You can direct our paths

 Let us follow You faithfully all the days of our life!


The Sacrament of Reconciliation

IMG_20160710_174339RRRO how very blessed, how very blessed the church is

Jesus says whose sins you forgive they are forgiven

and so we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation

And I am grateful to be able to go regularly

and to be able to receive the grace

so freely

so joyfully

so hopefully

so confidently

What would happen if there was a limit to one’s confession?

What would happen indeed?

I shudder to think that it can  be so

No, it cannot and that  is why it is so easy

to take things for granted

to grow careless of the Sacrament

Come next weekend the little ones aged around nine

will have to make their first Holy Reconciliation

May God bless them to receive the grace

of always leaning on the Lord

Counting on his mercy and abundant goodness

being faithful to the end