At the recollection – Our Lady of Fatima

There was  so much that I learned from the recent recollection that it would  be worthwhile sharing; yet, I have been so busy that I have not  had time to  re-read all that I managed to keep note of. . .

Perhaps I can share that one of the first things that I have  put into practice is this… when one enters the church, one normally would make the sign of the cross with holy water and enter. But now I  add a prayer as taught by the  visiting priest to us.

May this holy water and the Precious Blood of Jesus wash away all my sins, O Lord!                 


Our Lady of Fatima




Dearest Mother,

It gives me great joy to write to you about the talk that I attended last Saturday. It was a huge crowd that showed up including people from the Legion of Mary in several churches all over Singapore. I was delighted to see you so loved by your children. It also reminded me of the time when I lost my earthly mother, the woman God gave me to bring me into this world.

I remember clearly how someone, my friend’s brother John, came and told me specifically that although my earthly mother has gone home to you, I have now my heavenly mother to take care of me. It was only six days after my own baptism, so I did not know much.

Today, however, dearest Mother Mary, I want to thank our Lord Jesus for giving you to me to be my Mother. Truly you are the best Mother and Jesus has given you to me. Thank you dearest Lord Jesus. You give us always the Best of all! You are great! You are wonderful! I love You and Your Mother our Blessed Mother Mary.

Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for us all!



Our Lady of Fatima

Today I am happy to know that two children – Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco – will be canonised – and they are young saints, for sure. May they intercede for us all as most people celebrate a hundred years of the private revelations. 

I went to Fatima only twice (1999 & 2013) and it was at Fatima that I received healing of my vocal chords which had a polyp in it. I did not go for an operation but offered up – for six years – the discomfort and inconvenience of not being able to use my voice most of the time. It turned out that, with the grace of God, I was able to endure till my first visit to Fatima. Then I lamented that I would like to sing and to chant, and  when I returned to Singapore, I attended the installation of our dear bishop (Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia) and those around me in the indoor stadium realised that I had been totally healed. I sang to my heart’s content and participated fully in the wonderful Eucharistic celebration.

To thank our good Lord for answering my prayer so swiftly and perfectly, I joined the parish in more than one ministry. Then I had the grace to be a cantor!

O praise the Lord! How great You are!


O Mary!

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Near the Cross stood our Lady,  the Mother of our Lord Jesus.  . . .

This was one of the first homilies that I had heard from a priest in Fatima in my recent pilgrimage (10 May 2014 onwards). He said that we had all come with our many intentions, and rightly so, and that we were surely praying not only for ourselves but for others.

For myself, I had certainly brought lots of petitions to place them at every holy place where masses would be offered, and I had the confidence to know that each prayer would be answered. How? It is up to the good Lord. When? It will surely be at the best time. Remember how our Lord went to see Lazarus much later, after he had been in the tomb for four days. But what happened after that? He raised Lazarus to life! Yeah, that is trust and that is confidence.

I was not disappointed. When I returned, I heard some good news. The prayers continue to be heard. . . Thank you, Lord.

At Fatima, and at all the other Marian shrines, people came with a whole gamut of experiences that were joyful, painful, tough and challenging. But each came with a desire to be heard. Each came, confident that our Blessed Mother cares for us and loves us. She stood by the Cross of her Son not so much for herself but for us. She is our Mother. She is also the Mother of God.

So we place our wounds, our plans and our hopes in her hands. We entrust them to her so she may bring them to her Son. Did she not tell Him at the wedding feast in Cana, ‘They have no wine’? Alleluia!

With that trust, many pilgrims were ready to recite the rosary with candlelight processions each evening, to go on their knees to recite the rosary and thus do penance for the ones who had asked for prayers, and of course, to attend masses daily. I had the opportunity to pray before the Blessed Sacrament on one occasion. And what a time of grace!

On the third and last morning, I went to the chapel to thank our Lady. It was 5.30 in the morning. A mass had just ended and another was starting. I took it as an invitation for the Eucharist is Thanksgiving. The mass was in Polish, and although I could  not understand, I was able to follow in spirit. Praise the Lord!