Be reconciled


img_20160710_174339rrrWith joy do I go for my regular confession

Always mindful that to be reconciled is the best thing ever

For with the Lord there is always mercy and fullness of redemption

So too do the little ones go when the time comes

My little god son made his on 7 October his first confession

Such innocence! Such simplicity!

Truly we can be grateful

Always lift up both confessors and penitents daily

Regular confession makes one more conscious of one’s vulnerability

One’s need to be prepared for the unexpected

Death that comes knocking when least expected

If one knew, one would not need to be prepared

So it makes sense, does it not?

Praise the Lord for HIs goodness and kindness!

p.s. this is an acrylic which I did way back in 2005; and to me it looks rather incomplete – like the penitent who needs regular confession, right?