C O T Transfiguration

 It was with deep confidence that I  decided to make a week-long retreat and  take it as my annual one. I have no doubt that my friend Anita also had a good retreat. And I can confidently say that for most people. It is not the first time that I made a retreat with the Divine Retreat Centre in Kerala, India.  My very first one was way back in 1997 when about 80 of us went with a priest and a deacon. It was truly an eye-opening experience for all of us. If you have to make it to Kerala, India, then to miss the world’s largest retreat centre for the Catholic Church is really to miss something truly precious.

In the new and beautifully decorated Church of the Transfiguration (Parish Priest Fr Joachim Chang, gifted and artistic ) are the three anointed priests who served with deep conviction and powerfully preached to us the Word of God.

Please look at the poster which  gives the names and photos of the three special priests.