Prostrated before the Lord

You are right if you think that these are prostrated figures

Each Good Friday the priests prostrate. . . rightly so!

O Saviour of us all, there is nothing we can offer YOU, O Lord God ,

 has done for us poor sinners!


At the foot of the Cross


20160531_08055120160531_080604Many have been the times

when I meditated on

the Passion, Death and Resurrection

of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In one of my silent retreats

I did not  want to meet the Infant Jesus

I was the talkative woman who needed to speak

To converse and to engage in discussions

So I sought the teenage Jesus

A tall thin lad

One so welcoming and so hospitable

He was quick to give me a gift

It was a small wooden crucifix

To my question –  why a crucifix?

The answer remains etched in my heart

The answer brings tears of joy to my eyes

Such love! Such compassion! Such mercy!

The Lord said

So that every time you look at one

you will remember that I LOVE YOU!