The Spain I have not seen. . .

 St Teresa of Avila, pray for us!


50 years as a priest


Fr Tom gave some pointers on how he made it for 50 years.  His sermon also mentioned his home background, his hard life and his joy at being a priest. He is a happy priest.

Fr Tom was ordained at a time when Vatican II had just begun. 1965. He came from a family with 8 children. The last child was a girl. He had a brother who joined the diocese and this brother priest died of cancer about 7 years ago. He came from a family that was very Catholic and strong in the faith. He remembers to this day the image of his own father who would kneel for about ten to fifteen minutes each morning in prayer.

His vocation came early in life.  He was ordained a priest on 18 December 1965.

I thank God for the gift of Fr. Tom who is such a joy to share my faith with. . . Praise God!







Awaiting the Saviour of the world


A meditation I do each day is on the birth of our Saviour

And there is no end to the inspiration that comes each day

There is the Word from John’s Gospel

And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us

And to all who believe in Him He gave power to become children of God

For God loved the world so much that He sent us His only begotten Son

And all who believe in Him will not perish but have eternal life

And we see and we learn that God took on sin to save us

To redeem us and to give us life everlasting

And what thanks can I render my Lord?

The best is to give Him my life to do as He will

For strictly speaking, I am no longer my own

Christ has paid the price with His precious Blood

Bled for me to wash away my sins

To save me from eternal damnation

To show me how deep is His love for me

And what thanks can I render to You dearest Lord?

Take and receive my whole will, my memory, my liberty and my understanding

All that I am and all that I have come from You

I give them over to You and ask only for Your grace and Your love to sustain me

Be praised my dearest Lord Jesus!

#4 – Still trust Him

This is a very important piece of testimony on the Opening Night of the RCIA at the Church of the Holy Spirit. In reblogging this, I pray that the hearts of many will continue to be open to the Holy Spirit and His many gifts, including the Gift of FAITH!

Degeneration to Transplantation

Technically the first day of work today.
I finished updating contact in the company phone and created excel spreadsheets. I’m so surprised at myself that I could finish them so fast. I thought I’d be distracted but I was in the zone!
Shows that sometimes all we need to do is focus.

It’s the opening night of RCIA at the Church of the Holy Spirit. I still remember sitting amongst the crowd last year. I’ve made bosom friends that I don’t hesitate joining for another year. Moreover, I missed many sessions last year due to hospital checks and admissions.

Honestly, because Andy isn’t going tonight, I did consider not going as I came back tired from work and laziness started creeping through my spine. But I still decided to go and I’m glad I did.
To be honest, after what happened over the weekend, I did feel angry with God…

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When the going gets tough

Interestingly this is a familiar phrase – when the going gets tough. So what happens? Persevere, says the optimist. Plod on, says the one who still has the strength to do so. What about us? It all depends on what the issue is, perhaps. I am in the midst of climbing a mountain with a group of young people. The moutain is the faith journey. So many at this time are on the way and they, if I may say so, are going through tough terrain.

I recall my own faith journey and thank God for having brought me thus far. I am still on the way. I am still plodding on. Praise God!

Whenever I recall the time I was struggling, and it was in the initial stage after my conversion, I had to struggle with many issues. Being a neophyte then, I found myself thrown into the deep end of a pool. There was no question of not trying to stay afloat. There was no question of not trying to seek help and yet, that was the hardest part. It seemed easier to just give up.

And I have to confess that that was exactly what I said aloud to a priest. He was unruffled. All he did was to point me to a short passage in scripture and advised me to read and reflect. What were the words of God?

Luke 9:57 – 62 – Hardships of the apostolic calling

What touched me then, and these words are still in my heart today, is verse 62 itself: Jesus said to him, ‘Once the hand is laid on the plough, no one who looks  back is fit for the kingdom of God.’

I like to give this sharing to my youth group. Plod on. Persevere. It is worth it. Fight the good fight. Seek the grace and it will be given to you. Praise God!

The holy family

This evening Fr William preached powerfully on families. A good homily. He was, as usual, fiery in his preaching. Read ‘fiery’ to mean passionate, convincing and honest. No apologies. No compromise. Praise God!

Families are not knitted together for three key reasons.

The first C that is lacking – communication. Yes, if one does not talk in person but resort to text messages, how can one grow closer?

Families are not so loving. They lack – the second C –  compassion. Without compassion for another’s feelings, for example, there can hardly  be much bonding.

Families are breaking up. They do not have – the third C – charity. Without love, as St Paul would tell us, we have nothing. Apart from love, nothing counts.

Most importantly, families that don’t do well lack one big C – CHRIST!

How true that is. Without God, we perish!

At the end of it all, families need to pray together, listen to one another and just love each other.