Nothing happens by chance

If there is one thing I have thanked God for this day it is the decision to go for mass in the morning. Although I had planned for a lunch time mass so that I could go for lunch with a friend, I was prompted to go for the first mass. And so I went, and many good things followed. I shall recount only one. . . Praise God!

What do you say when someone comes to you, gives you a smile and then calls you by name? That was what happened. I remembered the face but not the name.

Ah, I see. Several questions and answers in quick succession. A connection has been made. And I have one more name to add to my FACEBOOK account. Not just a stranger but someone I had met a long, long time ago.

I can speak of the joys of a 21 year vocation in teaching, and one of them is to have someone I had taught come to me to identify himself or herself. Praise God!

If you are reading this, Albert Sim A H, say Hurrah! God is good all the time!