St Paul the holy one of God

Imagine. . . Yes, I just imagine the day I meet St Paul

When ? I  know not

How ?  I also know not the details

But I would be so happy

Yet the word ‘happiness’ is an understatement

Yes, I long to go where St Paul is

 In heaven

Enjoying his reward for all eternity

St Paul, I wish to tell you

about how you are touching my life

how your own life gives me inspiration

how you change so many of my ideas

making me different and far from the person I used to be

indeed your word in the New Testament

inspired by the Holy Spirit has power

I could go on and on . . .

What I remember too is that you ,St Paul, are  a chosen instrument of God!

So let me cease to be surprised that 

you are able to help me so much

through your letters in the New Testament!

Praise the Lord!